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How to Social Network

Wikipedia defines Social Networking as "build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests"

While traditional marketing techniques occasionally employed multilevel marketing or person-to-person marketing, the power of todays social platfoms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn completely change this dynamic to allow the most powerful and easy self marketing.

The magic behind making social media work to market, is to connect a personal story and face to your product or service. Tiki Multimedia will help you tap into that personal story. Our team will help you build your following, manage events, sell products and connect everyone through the most powerful social media platforms.

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Language Spam in Analytics

With all the talk going on about Russians hacking targeted to sway our recent presidential election it has been easy to see why there could be some validity to the claim. Hackers have found a unique way to get their message to show up in front of us. Granted - not many people actually look at analytics so I am not sure how effective this hack is but here it is anyway.

The other day I logged into Google Analytics and it said that I had traffic coming from a Language:
" You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!"

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Network Security

Our team of IT professionals most familiar with your company, and understanding it in-depth, work to address issues with our toolset of penetration testing, firewalls, and monitoring equipment before they become problems. This keeps your systems healthy, and helps eliminates unwanted downtime. All changes, upgrades, and additions are managed for efficiently, with minimal disruption in day to day functionality.

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Virus and Malware Protection

Websites experience many attacks every day with an average of 8,000 attacks per year, according to statistical data. A website vulnerability is a misconfiguration, weakness or open port in a website or web application code that allows an attacker to gain access or control of the site in some way, and possibly the hosting server. Most exploits are exposed through scripts or bots or some other automated systems. Vulnerability scanners and botnets are specialized tools that scour the internet for platforms like WordPress or Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS, looking for open vulnerabilities. Once exposed, scripts are run automatically to exploited and steal data or distribute malicious content. Sometimes code is injected in order to deface the website, spam people and even to use as a type of home base where additional hacking can be done on other sites. If you have not updated your website in a few months there is a good chance there is some type of malware or virus on it. There are simple things you can do to avoid this like removing forms or adding captcha or not using old software. 

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New Phone System for Spencer & Collier

Tiki Multimedia spent the last two weeks gearing up for the huge project of moving Spencer & Collier over to a new internet and phone provider. Their phone system was from 1992 and the internet continued to have issues with latency and dropping.

Since we wanted to allow the law firm to continue to operate durring the switch over we setup new phone lines at the new telco, then wired in the new system along side the old system so at one point each employee had two phones at their desk.

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