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Connecting people to their universe

Tiki Multimedia is a full design, development, production, IT and marketing company. We specialize in branding, web design, SEO, video and audio production.

The mission of Tiki Multimedia is to provide schools, nonprofit organizations, government entities and businesses a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing and tech needs.

In the pacific islands the tiki is an intricately carved figurine of a creature representing humans and the connection to the universe around them. Tiki Multimedia's goal is to connect people to their fellows and their universe through sight sound and interaction.

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Our Mission

To provide schools, nonprofit organizations, government entities and businesses a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing and tech needs.

Combining sight, sound & interaction

Tiki Multimedia Founded by a Multimedia Graduate Over a Decade Ago

Organizations that power the world

Organizations that power the world include nonprofit, government agencies, schools and businesses. Tiki Multimedia has a footing in the nonprofit world and also works with large enterprise corporations. Harnessing powerful online marketing tools and advertising techniques helps each organization to target their audience with impact and care. Using SEO, blogging, social media, email marketing, Adwords, Facebook Ads and various other techniques can ensure that the right people are seeing your brand or messaging. 

From a teacher to a student

A student sat in a multimedia class learning about the future of media and how we consume it. The teacher showed the student how to combine sight, sound and interaction in order to impact people with a rich multimedia presentation. This basic concept was the core of the class and became the foundation of the organization, Tiki Multimedia. The staff at Tiki Multimedia are experts and often educate others in their fields but since technology is ever-evolving our belief is that we must always consider ourselves humble students and learn new things.

Nonprofit Organization Focus Group Before Event in Summer of 2011
Website Development Coding Project for Business Client July, 2015