Web Development & Design Revamp for Top Private School


The Montessori Community School, a leading private school in the Salt Lake City valley, needs a modern website which is easy to update and maintain but also connects into their existing web and IT infrastructure, while also embracing the Montessori philosophy. A key requirement is for their community to use it as a real asset- a resource for prospective parents, a connection between the teachers and students via their parents, plus a tool to help maintain a dialog with the alumni. They contacted Tiki Multimedia because of their reputation and relationship with the community.


Utilizing the latest Content Management System technology with interfaces that embrace the best parts and workings of Wordpress, Joomla & Drupal, Montessori Community School will have a cutting edge website which ties into their Student Information System database but is also very easy to manage and maintain for their staff and volunteers. This way they do not have to continue paying someone to update things.


The challenge of creating a new website from storyboard, mockup, revision to live while maintaining an active existing website proved to be easy to overcome with a little bit of planning and by using Tiki Multimedia's proprietary system allowing the school administrators to continue updating the current site and the changes automatically reflecting on the new website. This means when it is time to pull the trigger and take the new website live it will have all the updates, blog posts and articles which were posted to the old website while the new one was being created. An update will be posted here when the project is completed.

Project Storyboard

When the Montessori Community School contacted Tiki Multimedia about revamping their website from 2011, everyone involved knew that this was an ideal matchup. Some of the team leads at Tiki Multimedia have been directly involved with Montessori education for years and the CEO actually went to a Montessori school.

"We chose Tiki Multimedia because of their reputation in the community"

-Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan
School Director

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