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Music to Heal - Website Created for Heart & Soul

Tiki Multimedia is proud to sponsor Music Stroll, this Saturday, June 11 in Sugarhouse. The event consists of over 40 bands playing on porches and yards throughout the neighborhood. Check out this online map Tiki Multimedia created which displays all the bands, food trucks, and other amenities of the Music Stroll which is hosted by Heart & Soul.

To put it simply: Heart & Soul brings hope, healing, and joy to 22,000 people each year. They do so by producing over 850 live shows at convalescent homes, senior centers, hospitals, centers for children with disabilities, psychiatric facilities, domestic abuse shelters and prisons. Heart & Soul seeks to make our world less lonely through music.

Heart & Soul is a nonprofit in Utah that has bringing the art of music to those who cannot come to the music themselves since 1994; and does not charge for any of its shows in institutions. They rely solely on grants, contributors, and fundraising events to cover our operating expenses.

It is an honor for our employees to work with an organization with such a noble cause. Be sure to check out Heart & Soul’s website, proudly created by our team at Tiki Multimedia. See their website for more information on the Music Stroll for 2016 and how you can contribute to their cause.

Heart & Soul

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