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Client Highlights - Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul brings hope, healing and joy to 25,000 people each year by producing over 1,000 live shows at convalescent homes, senior centers, hospitals, centers for children with disabilities, psychiatric facilities, domestic abuse shelters and prisons.

Heart & Soul seeks to make the world less lonely through music. Their performances enrich the soul and promote wellness through the healing power of the performing arts. 

Heart & Soul builds bridges, connecting generations, providing an opportunity to give back to the community. In carrying out this mission, Heart & Soul seeks to create a social awareness of people isolated from society. Heart & Soul has been healing human spirits by bringing music and performing arts to isolated members in our community since 1994.

We have had the privilege in working with Heart & Soul for the past couple years, we developed and designed their website, logo and branding, SEO & online presence, and help them to reach as many people as possible through our individualized Marketing Plans. We have been to the past two Heart & Soul Music Strolls, they take place in the beginning of June, and are an amazing community event. As a plethora of local musicians get together in a Salt Lake City neighborhood and play music, the community comes out to support, other local companies donate their time and efforts to help make this event happen. 

Our Tiki team provides Video and Audio Production Services, and Social Media Marketing for this event each year, and we have a blast doing it. We assist them in making sure the event is being covered on all social media platforms, to get the most possible people to participate in this event. We then take all of the audio and video footage we collect at the event, and turn it into a music video for the client’s website, click link below to view: 

Music Stroll Video 

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