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Our Motivation Tiki Multimedia LLC is a full design, development, production, IT and marketing company. We specialize in branding, video and audio production, marketing and addressing all of your technology needs.

The mission of Tiki Multimedia is to offer schools, nonprofits, government entities and businesses a one-stop-shop for all of their technology related needs. We excel in web design, video production, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing.

LoveUTGiveUT - now - LoveUTGiveTuesday

Love Utah Give Utah #LoveUTgiveUT was the largest giving event that Utah had ever seen - with hundreds of organizations participating and millions of dollars raised.

When the event changed, many nonprofit organizations feared they would never be able to recoup the amount of money they were making thanks to the event.

We just don't see the same amount of traction we used to get with the LoveUTGiveUT event.

    -Joshua Craig, Directory of Finance @ The Haven

While some of the infrastructure that helped organizations raise money has changed, Tiki Multimedia wanted to fill the void and ensure that these important organizations and causes could continue to raise funds needed in order continue their work.


The Community Foundation of Utah continues to offer some support and a guideline in order for your organization to continue raising funds on the new event day (Giving Tuesday). This year the event is on November 27, 2018 and Tiki Multimedia wanted to take it a step further and offer assistance with any nonprofit to raise funds and have a solid giving platform to do so.

Tiki Multimedia continues to offer assistance to nonprofit organizations and other great causes to raise money, receive grants and develop branding and marketing that sets them apart from anyone else.

Please contact one of the Tiki Multimedia support staff and ask how they can help your organization raise money on Giving Tuesday #LoveUTGiveTuesday

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Tiki Multimedia LLC is community conscious, keeping things local and helping members of our community directly.

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