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Pest Control Co. Gets Huge Bump Up

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DLM Pest Control contacted us with a major issue, Another web designer had put a site half way together and then disappeared. As is often the case - the previous web company had setup the domain name under their contact information and then stopped responding.

Tiki Multimedia setup a beautiful new website under a temporary URL then pointed all search engine traffic to the temporary site while the real domain name was being brought back to the rightful owners. Once the domain had been reclaimed it was registered under the correct contact information and the website was moved over to the real address. dlmpestcontrol.com

 Bumped up to a professional website.

Beautiful Responsive Website Created for Sober Living

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This website was created in order to express the true one-on-one nature of the sober living experience Tarriance offers women in need. The website was developed with a responsive layout allowing it to look great on a mobile device and a computer without any extra work when Tarriance staff posts content. tarriancehouse.com

Created an Online Presence for Leading Lobbying Firm

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Most word of mouth companies still benefit from having a great internet presence. There is much to be said about a company that can be looked up on a phone and have a great website and also have a similar looking website on a computer. As more and more people move to a single internet device like their phone, more and more people will choose a company which has a strong representation on a mobile platform as well as the computer. Every website Tiki Multimedia creates is responsive and will look good no matter what screen its being displayed on. See csclobby.com for a great example.

Satisfied Parents Show Love of a School

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Taking existing footage Tiki Multimedia was asked to edit parent testimonials in order to present each parents love of the school in which their children learn. With a strong online campaign using video, social networking, ad words, and various other marketing magic the number of people seeing the Montessori Community School's website around the world doubled in two months and is continuing to grow. [edit] The campaign has been scaled back in order to meet the schools enrollment cap.

Using AcySMS & Joomla & Nexmo for Emergency Alert System

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The Montessori Community School required an emergency alert system for school closures, natural disasters, and other emergency situations. We had originally setup a smart phone with all the parents data imported into Google Contacts. We downloaded GoSMS and the plugins which allowed 100 texts at a time for each one. In the scenario we only had about 400 contacts but the phone would choke even trying to send to that many people and by the time every text was delivered it was hours later. 

As the IT and Marketing manager at the school I had been presented many options for emergency notifications. Many services are available which will allow you to post to the website, post to Facebook, send out an email and a text message. We needed to do all of these things but were hoping not to pay $50-$90/month as most of them quoted us. We use the system once or twice a year but when we need it, it must be reliable and easy enough to use for our teachers.

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